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Welcome to Live.Lift.Code

Welcome to


I am half welcoming myself here as well, as this is the first ever post I’m ever going to make on this site. Up until two hours ago, this site had a completely different name until the moment when I realized that I had misspelt the domain when I registered it, leading to a total nonsense name. To be honest, I am thankful for my fat fingers as this name is a 1000 times better than the other one I was going to go with.


Now let’s learn to code. Or lift. Or a bit of both.


What to expect on


So what should you expect from I don’t know yet, to be honest. But I know what I’d like for this site to be.


Coding Made Easy and Understandable


I’d like for you to be able to come here and get some down-and-dirty basic understanding of some coding concepts. I’ll be honest with you, I’m still probably considered amateur by most programmer’s standards. As of right now, I’m about 5 languages deep into my descent into becoming a coding guru.


Along my journey I’ve had successes and failures, but there has been one thing nagging at me. The one thing that has bugged me to no end is the lack of a one-stop shop to learn the ropes of coding.


Yeah, there’s YouTube and a few hundred coding camps out there, but I hated that I couldn’t Google a word or concept and get a really primitive explanation. When I say primitive, I mean I want it explained to me like I’m a six-year-old.


StackExchange has been a huge help to myself (and millions of others I’m sure) but I think sometimes the answerers forget that they are working with novices. Sometimes I end up reading an answer with 100 up-votes only to walk away even more confused and with an even longer list of coding words that I don’t know. And I’m sure I’m not alone.


So first and foremost, I want to help you learn. Scratch that – I want you to learn with me. I want to use my novice brain while it is still here to try and break down ideas and concepts for the betterment of all coders.

Lofty ambitions, I know.


Lifting Things Up and Putting Them Down


Secondly, I want this site to focus on physical fitness. I sit here, far from my physical peak, but like my coding endeavors, this too is a work in progress. Who says you have to choose between being buff and being a computer geek?


My physical fitness journey is not a new one, as I have been through more workout regimens and “kicks” than I care to count. Through these trials, I feel that I can impart some of my fitness wisdom upon you. Wisdom gained though trial, error, injury, and success.


So join me, and let’s lift.


My Life


Thirdly, I want this site to be somewhat of a lifestyle blog. I’m a twenty-something semi-coder, semi-lifter, semi-dude and I think a lot of you folks out there can relate to my interests and my struggles, so maybe this can be a good outlet for that. You happen to catch me right at a lot of my life crossroads, so maybe you can learn with me while I navigate those as well.


I hope to put out content frequently, but between working full-time and a fistful of other obligations, I make no promises. The only promise I give you guys is that I am going to try to make this site useful. Let me know what you think about it all. Tell me when I help you with a coding problem you had, or blow up the comments telling me I’m dumb and that I’ve got it all wrong. Let me know how great my workout routine works for you, or laugh at me and ask if I even lift. Fill me in on what you want from this site, and I will do my best to deliver.


Stay tuned.


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I am a twenty-something coder in training, amateur weightlifter, and newly minted website owner. Aside from coding and lifting, my other hobbies include writing, drawing, reading, and the occasional video game. I live in the ever-wonderful Los Angeles, California where I was born and raised.

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